The Step Over pt.2

Apparently being 30-11, and leading the East a year after appearing in the NBA Finals isn’t enough to keep your job as Cavs head coach. David Blatt found that out the hard way today as he was shown the door in favor of assistant coach Tyronn Lue. While the firing was sudden, it wasn’t all that surprising, and actually made sense. Many of the players didn’t really have chemistry with Blatt and most of them went to Coach Lue anyway. Plus it didn’t seem like Blatt was fit to coach a player like LeBron, but then again, who is? It just seemed like LeBron had more control over the team than David Blatt did and apparently was a better leader than Blatt. Making Tyronn Lue head coach was a good move by the Cavs and hopefully he will help the team build better chemistry. Now the question remains: will he succeed in his new position or will the Cavs step over him in favor of another coach before the season ends?




I think many will agree when I say that Josh Norman and Odell Beckham gave us the best battle of 2015 on Sunday. One of the game’s top young receivers going at it with one of the league’s premier shut-down corners lived up to the hype that the match up built over the week. The most notable event that happened during the Norman vs Beckham showdown was when Odell Beckham landed a helmet-to-helmet cheap shot on Josh Norman. Beckham and Norman were both punished for their actions with Beckham being hit with a one-game suspension and Norman getting a fine. The battle between these two made an already entertaining game even more entertaining and interesting to watch. The fiery competitive spirit between Norman and Beckham made this match up more entertaining than Mayweather vs Pacquiao. It’s always fun to see a high level of competition in the game, but sometimes the competition can be taken too far like it was on Sunday.

Coming Together

For months, Black students from the University of Missouri complained about the racism they have faced on campus. While many of the African American students have said that racism has been a constant problem, the president of the university, Tim Wolfe, did nothing to solve this problem and almost seemed indifferent to the situation. For most of the black students, change seemed like it would never come. The university planned on making changes to promote diversity by April, but the students wanted change now, and they did whatever it took to make that change happen. Black students stood up for themselves by doing sit-ins, planning walk-outs, and going on hunger strikes. The most remarkable move which sparked the much needed change was when the black players of the Missouri Tigers football team refused to play until Tim Wolfe resigns. The change came today when Tim Wolfe stepped down as president of the University of Missouri. It’s a beautiful thing when blacks come together to stand up for each other, and the students and players of Missouri have shown that standing together can tear apart any form of injustice and make a difference. The players used their status to help promote a positive change and put justice for their people before their athletic careers. What happened today will not only mark a new era at the University of Missouri, but this will also mark change in college sports. The actions of players at Missouri will set the example for other black student athletes to stand up to racial inequality at their schools, and make a positive difference.


The Fall of RG3

When Robert Griffin III started for the Redskins in 2012, he took the league by storm with his ability to run the read option, accuracy, and ability to move out of the pocket and run if he has to. Ever since his rookie campaign however, RG3’s career has taken a downturn, and it seems to be getting worse each day. Many fans think that his rookie season was just a flash in the pan, but from what I’ve seen from RG3, there’s still more flashes left in that pan. Other than the reports of his arrogance in the locker room, the real problem isn’t Robert Griffin, it’s the team that he plays for. RG3 is a great quarterback that any team would be lucky to have on their squad, but Washington has done a poor job of taking care of what was supposed to be the future of their franchise. They failed to build a solid or consistent offensive line for him that, for some reason, can’t seem to even block a cockroach from getting to RG3 but can play like one of the best lines in the NFL when Kirk Cousins or Colt McCoy is under center ( No I’m not implying racism, but I think there is some bad blood between RG3 and some of the lineman), and it seems like the coaches do not care about his health since they let him stay in the preseason game against the Lions after taking multiple big hits which lead to him leaving the game with a concussion. It seems the Redskins are trying to tell Griffin “We don’t want you here”, well at least the guys in the Redskins front office are saying that since there’s been reports that some of them really want to trade Griffin while Jay Gruden implies that Griffin still has a future with the team. In reality, the best solution to this situation is for the Redskins to let RG3 go via trade or free agency, it’s best for the both of them. This way, the Redskins can get a better look at Kirk Cousins, who has shown flashes as well throughout his career, and Robert Griffin can revive his career with a team that’s less dysfunctional. RG3 still has a lot left, and if he can play for a team that will surround him with weapons, good protection, and good coaching, RG3 can truly be a top-10 quarterback in the league.