NBA Conference Finals: Analysis and Predictions

After the Raptors win over the Heat in Game 7 yesterday, four teams remain in the hunt for the NBA title. The Toronto Raptors will battle the Cleveland Cavaliers for the East while the Oklahoma City Thunder will take on the Golden State Warriors for the West. Let’s take a deeper look at these matchups and predict who will advance to the finals:

Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

This is the matchup that everyone was hoping for: two talented, excellent scoring teams battling for a spot in the Finals. The Thunder put up a good fight in last matchups against the Warriors, but the Warriors always came out on top. The games against the Thunder have been a huge part of Stephen Curry’s MVP season highlight reel as we saw him hit a near half-court shot against them in overtime to win it. The Warriors have had a challenge with the Thunder, and that challenge will not be any easier this time around. Throughout the playoffs, we have seen the Thunder improve and we even saw them take down the mighty Spurs in six games. Just like their games during the season, I think this will be an exciting and very entertaining series to watch and there will be plenty of offensive fireworks to see. I think the Thunder will put up a great fight, but Stephen Curry and the Warriors will have the edge once again. Prediction: Warriors 4-3

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors

 So far, the Cavs have been unstoppable and are currently 8-0 now in the playoffs, but I don’t think that trend will continue in this series. Unlike the Pistons and Hawks, the Raptors have superstars like Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan who can be true difference makers in this series. The Raptors have forced a game 7 against both the Pacers and the Heat while the Cavs have cruised to victory in their series. Many think the Cavs will also sweep the Raptors in this series as well, but the Raptors are too talented of a team to go out like that. I see the Raptors winning a game or two before the Cavaliers eliminate them and punch their ticket to the Finals against the Warriors. Prediction: Cavaliers 4-1

So there you have it. I see the Warriors and Thunder being an entertaining series that might go to seven games and the Cavaliers beating the Raptors in five games. We will most likely see a rematch of last year’s finals. The Warriors and Thunder tip-off tonight at 9 and the Raptors and Cavs face off tomorrow at 8:30.


An Angry Cowboys Fan

So recently I came across an article about a tweet that the Cowboys 4th round QB Dak Prescott made back in 2012.  Apparently, Prescott tweeted that he was “done with Tony Romo” after the 28-18 loss to the Redskins in 2012. Now the tweet has been brought back to light after Prescott was drafted and could possibly become Romo’s successor.

I will admit, having to be the backup to the man you said you were “done with” is a bit funny and ironic to me, but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as the media is making it be. Prescott was simply an angry Cowboys fan, just like everyone else that night. As a Cowboys fan myself, I can’t tell you how many times I have said that I am done with Romo one week, then love him the very next. Every Cowboys fan has done it, and Prescott is no different.

Heck, I’ll even bet that some of the players on the Cowboys roster said that they were done with Romo, Jerry Jones might have said it as well.

The point is, I feel that the media bringing up a tweet from a bad Cowboys game in 2012 shouldn’t be as relevant as it is becoming. While it is awkward, it is not that serious.

But on behalf of all Cowboys fans everywhere, I pray that Dak Prescott won’t give us many “I’m done with Prescott” moments in the future.