Romo’s Days Numbered?


Coming off a collarbone injury from last season, Tony Romo has looked sharp so far this preseason. In the time he has played this preseason, Romo is 5 for 6 in passing attempts, and has thrown for a total of 60 yards but no touchdowns. On Thursday night, however, Romo’s time was cut short with a back injury that gave Cowboys fans flashbacks of the tumultuous 2015 season. After Romo was forced to sit out the rest of the game, rookie sensation Dak Prescott came in and lit it up for the third week in a row. Prescott went 17 for 23 in passing attempts with 116 yards, one touchdown, and a QB rating of 99.2 during his time against the Seahawks. With the 4th round rookie playing at a surprisingly high level, he has managed to turn everyone’s heads towards his play and away from Romo’s return. Cowboys Nation can’t get enough off Dak Prescott, and with the potential Prescott has, could Tony Romo’s days as the face of America’s Team be numbered?

Asking that question may seem a little overboard considering it’s only the preseason, but given some of the circumstances, it could be a good question and a very real possibility. Romo hasn’t played a full season since 2012 due to back and collarbone injuries. Last season he went down with a collarbone injury twice and the Cowboys went 1-11 in games without him. While there is no doubt that when Romo is healthy, he plays at an elite level, it has to suck that after every single sack or hit he takes, you have to hold your breath and pray that he hasn’t broken into a million pieces. Eventually, you’re going to want to put in a guy that can play at a high level, win games and can stay healthy, and Prescott might be that guy. There’s a good chance that if Romo went down again and Prescott continues to play at a high level, he could take Romo’s job right up from under him.

Tony Romo has to find a way to stay healthy if he wants to remain the starter for the Cowboys. While Romo has been taking baby steps to get back from his injury, Dak Prescott has amazed many people with his accuracy, poise in the pocket and running ability. With this only being his rookie year, Prescott still has a lot of room to grow and become even better. If Romo’s recent injury is serious, Prescott will be thrown it the fire sooner than expected. And if Prescott can continue to go out there and light it up and help the Cowboys win games, we could see even less of Tony Romo than we already see now.