Still Fishing

After former running back Eric Dickerson criticized current Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and vowed to not go to another Rams game until Jeff Fisher is gone, the Los Angeles Rams extended Jeff Fisher’s contract for the next two years. As a result of this, it looks like there won’t be any Eric Dickerson sightings at any Rams home games for the next two seasons at least.

This is a very head scratching move by the Rams. I don’t understand how you can continue to coach your team to four going on five straight 7-9 or below seasons and still keep your job. So the fact that Fisher still got a 2-year contract extension while his team is on the verge of missing the playoffs for fifth year in a row is shocking to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, Jeff Fisher was a good coach…was. During his tenure with the Tennessee Titans (He began when the Titans were still the Houston Oilers) Fisher led the Titans to multiple postseason appearances. But ever since he started coaching the Rams, it just seems like he can’t find a way to put them over the edge. In one instance, I believe the Rams should just move on from Fisher and target other coaching options such as New England’s defensive coordinator¬† Matt Patricia.

But I also think I see what the Rams see in Fisher. In Fisher’s first five seasons as head coach for the Oilers/Titans, his teams usually finished the season at 8-8 (.500). Then in his sixth year, the Titans exploded to a 13-3 record and if Kevin Dyson wasn’t tackled one yard short of the goal line, Jeff Fisher would have been a champion. So it is understandable that the Rams might be patient,in hopes that Fisher will coach them to a Super¬†Bowl appearance and hopefully a Super Bowl victory.

But only time will tell how smart of a move this extension was for the Rams. With Jared Goff in the wings and other weapons surrounding him, it might be possible that the Rams can build a contender in the years to come.