Change Locations

Free agency has come early in the NFL this year, but of players switching teams, teams are switching cities.

Following in the footsteps of the Rams move to Los Angeles, the Chargers decided to move up the California coast to Hollywood. Now recently, the Raiders filed relocation papers to move to Sin City and give Las Vegas their first NFL franchise.

In some of the situations, the teams have tried working with their cities to reach a deal to keep their franchises in those cities. Some of these moves make sense, while others leave fans scratching their heads.

One of the moves that have people confused was the Chargers move to L.A. First of, what sense does it make to move from San Diego, California to Los Angeles, California? If they wanted to move, they should’ve pushed harder to go to Las Vegas or one of the other cities available for teams to relocate to. Within 24 hours of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, they were met with criticism from fans from San Diego, L.A. and everywhere else. And how is moving from a city with a 70,000+ stadium to a city with a 30,000 capacity stadium and a fan base that could care less about them an improvement?

The Raiders possible move to Las Vegas is becoming more and more of a reality with each passing month. This move is bittersweet because it’s good to see the Raiders getting the home they deserve and it would be cool for fans to be able to go to an NFL game and then gamble away all of their life savings within miles of each other. Then again, for the residents of Oakland, it has to suck that once you can finally be proud to root for their home team, their team is going to find a home in another city.

In the end, while some cities will lose their teams, and others gain teams, the real winner in all of this is the greed of the NFL. While some newly located teams will have to find ways to fill their stadiums with new fans, NFL execs will continue to fill their pockets with revenue no matter where these teams move.


Winds of Change

On Monday night, we all witnessed as the Clemson Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide to win their first national championship since 1981. It was a monumental game for viewers, a monumental win for Clemson’s football program, and marked a potential change in power over college football.

In their win over a perennial powerhouse like Alabama, Clemson proved to the world that they are the best in college football. Dabo Swinney built Clemson into a contender and he has finally led them to the promised land. Deshaun Watson’s performance throughout the season, especially in the title game, has had a huge impact on Clemson’s rise to the top of the college football world. After being snubbed for the Heisman, Watson only got better and proved he was the best player in college football right now.

Although Watson is on his way to the NFL, Clemson still has a very good chance of keeping their spot on top of the NCAA. After successfully recruiting 5-star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Clemson can further cement their hold on college football for the future.

So with Clemson now on top, the power has not only shifted from Alabama to them, but the power has also shifted from the SEC to the ACC. If you look past Alabama, the SEC hasn’t been doing so hot lately. Teams that used to be near the top like LSU, South Carolina, Auburn, and Florida has since fallen off (South Carolina fell off so badly that Steve Spurrier didn’t want to coach anymore). After Alabama lost the championship game, the SEC’s time on top has officially ended. Meanwhile in the ACC if you look past Clemson, you will see surging teams like Louisville, Virginia Tech, and Florida State. Not to mention that the ACC went 9-3 in bowl games this year including Clemson’s win over ‘Bama in the national championship game.

It’s clear that things have changed in college football. Once gripped by the SEC, college football now belongs to the conference that was once thought of as only being good for basketball. Clemson, along with the rest of the ACC, have had to climb for a long time in football, and now at long last, they have reached the mountaintop.


Tampa Showdown: Alabama v. Clemson II

Round two, here we go!

Two will go toe to toe as the Alabama Crimson Tide face off against the Clemson Tigers. Last year, the world watched as these two went blow for blow in the national title game and Alabama came out on top. This year, we will be getting the same matchup in the same game, but there is a difference this time around.

For Clemson, they will come into this game better and hungrier than before. The Tigers will not only look to avenge last season’s loss to Alabama, they have something to prove in this game. They look to prove to the rest of the college football world that they are a force to be reckoned with along with the rest of ACC. They also want to help get coach Dabo Swinney the credit he deserves for building Clemson into the top-5 team they are now.

For Alabama, they look to keep their vice grip on college football and continue to bring the hardware back to Tuscaloosa. This is another chance for Nick Saban to add to his historic resume with the Crimson Tide.

Expect to see a shootout when these two teams play on the 9th. I think this will be a closely contested game, but not as good as last year’s game (Most of the time sequels suck anyway). I just think that Alabama will not put up as many points as they did in last year’s game due to the play calling by Lane Kiffin in the weeks leading up to the game not to mention the last minute change of offensive coordinators from Kiffin to Steve Sarkisian. On the other side, Clemson has been impressive on both sides of the ball. DeShaun Watson and Clemson’s offense has been lighting it up, and their defense has been stout. The Tigers made a huge statement in their blowout win over Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes, while Alabama’s offense didn’t impress much in their win over Washington.

In the end, I think that Clemson has more to play for in this game. Not mention that Alabama doesn’t seem as dominant as they were earlier this year. I have Clemson winning this one 35-27.