All Star Beef

Imagine that months after your nasty breakup, you have to work with your ex and her new boyfriend. If this doesn’t describe the situation Russell Westbrook will face with Kevin Durant and his new Warriors teammates at the All Star game, then I don’t know what does.  

After months of painfully awkward shunning off the court, and trash talking on the court, the former teammates must reunite for the All Star game on Feb.19. It’ll be interesting to see how Westbrook will coexist with Durant and his teammates from the Golden State Warriors, but it will also be cool to see them back together again. 

While most of the media may hype this reunion as a potential fight night, I see this happening one of two ways:

A.) Westbrook and Durant will “play nice” with each other, meaning they will work with each other on the court, then act like they don’t know each other once they get to the bench. Expect to see shots of Westbrook sitting far away from Durant on the bench, no handshakes between the two, and trolling from Durant’s Warrior teammates.

B.) They shock the world, and act like the brothers they were in OKC, proving that they were trolling the world with their previous encounters. Or at least put up a good facade of still being on good terms.

Either way, the All Star game will be must see TV to see how Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant will work with each other after Durant joined one of the Thunder’s biggest rivals in the west.


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