The Madness

With almost two full rounds of matchups, the 2017 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is shaping up to be another exciting tourney. After the rounds of 64, we’ve seen teams like the University of Rhode Island, and Mid Tennesse upset higher ranked teams. And with the round of 32 underway, we have already seen the likes of FSU, and even defending champion Villanova fall.  Now with the guarantee of a new champion being crowned, the tourney just got even more interesting.

So far for the Sweet 16, there’s Wisconsin vs. Florida, Gonzaga vs. West Virginia, and Xavier vs. Arizona, with more matchups to form by the end of the day. After losses from Villanova, and Louisville, many fans have already found their tournament brackets busted before sunset yesterday. As the tournament continues, more brackets will be busted as the Sweet 16 showcases matchups that will have fans uncertain about higher-ranked teams making it to the Elite Eight.

Even so, this year’s tournament promises excitement, uncertainty, and heartbreak as college teams watch their hopes of going to Phoenix dashed and fans watch their hopes of having a perfect bracket tear to pieces. As for me, my bracket is down but not out. Even though my matchup up of Villanova vs. North Carolina in a rematch from last year won’t happen, I did have North Carolina winning it all 74-70so there’s still hope.


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